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The Fans

Hello, and welcome all Matchbox 20 fans. This section is devoted to you!

This section will contain photos,stories,memorabilia,etc., all from you,the fans.

If you have any stories to tell on how you became a fan,why you are a fan,or if you have met any of the band members or seen them in concert,now's your chance to tell everyone about it.Just send me the necessary info below and I will post anything you have on this site in this section.Once I get enough responses, I will separate them into different topics. Thanks for your response!

As soon as I get enough submissions, I will post them.


Click Here To Read Jason Clark's Story On Paul Doucette!

Click Here To Read Bree's Story At An Australian Concert!

I would love to hear one of your stories or see any pictures you might have!

Please E-MAIL ME the following :

Your Name:


E-mail Address:

Any Photos You Might Have:

Your Fan Story: