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I come from a place called Cairns, which is in Australia. I am a HUGE
Matchbox 20 fan after attending one of their Australian concerts last year.
Three of my friends and I were in the very front row of the concert, which
happened at the Cairns Convention Centre on November the 8th, 1998. During
the concert, my friend and I yelled out (at the very top of our lungs), "WE
LOVE YOU ROB!!" and the worst thing was, that it was right before the start
of a song, when the crowd was really quiet! So we were incredibly loud! The
audience laughed at us and Rob smiled at us! We were very embarassed, but
glad that we did it. It even made the local newspaper the next day! The
article said that the band must have understood what 'Beatle-mania' was
like, because there were young girls yelling things like, "we love you" at
the lead singer, Rob Thomas.

During the concert, there were people filming the audience and the band,
with little hand held video cameras. One of the people was a really pretty
girl. I had read an article about Rob's fiance before going to the concert,
and so I figured that this girl must have been her. So my friend and I asked
her if she was Rob's fiance, and she said yes! She showed us her engagement
ring, and we congratulated her. She was really nice!
So ever since that fantastic concert, my friends and I have been HUGE
Matchbox 20 fans, and I can't wait to hear their new album!
Did you know that, 'Yourself or someone like you' was the biggest selling
album of 1998 here in Australia?